Prof. Richard Susskind at LEGAL MARKET DAY 2020!

Professor Richard Susskind, an outstanding futurologist and expert in the legal industry, will speak at LEGAL MARKET DAY 2020!


Activities of prof. Susskind are probably well known to most lawyers, but let us briefly remind – prof. Susskind is a specialist, expert in the legal industry and futurologist, author of such books as “The future of professions. How technology will change the work of experts” and “End of the world for lawyers?” Professor Susskind has spoken in over 60 countries.


Do not hesitate to register and listen to the lecture by prof. Richard Susskind in Poland. The second chance may not happen again quickly ⏰


PS. We want to thank the FILIPIAKBABICZ Legal Office   who contributed to the arrival of prof. Susskind to Poland.